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3 Years

3 years ago, I met a girl who carries a haversack not unlike those we see on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; just that hers is brighter and orange in colour. She was, and still is, very pretty. It’s a pity though, she often hung out with a fat buaya then. There were quite a few suitors, of course, but I guess the best always prevails in the end. I had the honour of being pitted against a damn yandao (I still disagree) and enterprising prince charming in his 20s, two ex-schoolmates of hers who were unequivocally obsessed with her, an ex-boyfriend, a classmate of ours that thinks he’s too smart and too yandao for his peers and a schoolmate that seeks to find out when we’ll break up.

The war was soon over and I left 2 of my buddies behind in the Fellowship of Bachelorhood to join my other buddy, Peng, who will be celebrating his 6th (or is it 7th??) year of anniversary real soon. Damn strong, right? The Fellowship soon saw a drop in its membership after my departure when Ming finally settled down with his true love after almost a year of agonising search. Bang, as much as you enjoy chairing the Fellowship, please hurry up and disband it, thank you.

I still remember the stupour I was in when I received her first phone call. Perhaps, it was the first time a girl, pretty one somemore, had initiated a phone call to me. Unfortunately though, that also happened to be the last. Or perhaps, it was the state of chaos over the other end of the phone that shock me. It was only later that I realised I will be dealing with 3 more little girls at her place. Anyway, it was the beginning of the school term and she was enquiring about the Interact Club. Although I was a member then, I was equally clueless about it. However, deep inside my heart, I secretly wished she would join the club, which she never did and I eventually left.

Once, we came across this orange Mambo haversack that she was deeply in love with. I went back a day later to get it for her as a birthday present, only to find out that the last orange piece in the whole world was sold. I was distraught. I bug the salesperson to bring in more stock, I went online to look for it, I pestered friends in Australia to help me keep a lookout, all to no avail. I didn’t know why, but I had never felt so disappointed for not being able to buy something. To date, I still feel a tinge of pity even though she no longer thinks haversacks are pretty. That was perhaps when I knew I wanted to provide her with everything for the rest of my life.

Thanks for putting up with all my nonsense in the past 3 years. And no problem, you’re most welcome if you want to thank me for being such a nice boy too. Happy 3 Years Anniversary.

  1. All the way dude! you are doing real great =D. and well it is 6th hehe.

  2. “That was perhaps when I knew I wanted to provide her with everything for the rest of my life.”… i hope this refers to emotional needs… material wise? WOW!! =)

    Great to know you’re still going strong! Gambatte!!

  3. Thanks for all the well wishes.

    renahyi: Well I guess it’s a little of both. When you want to provide everything for someone, you want all her needs and wants to be fulfilled. Perhaps, it’s just like how our parents will work all their lives just to provide for us.

  4. actually i’m pretty envious of you because you constantly give me a feeling that you actually DO see a future with her and that’s really important in a relationship. =)

    having said that, lucky fella you are!!

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