in Short Rambling


Another extract of a MSN conversation with my better half. Xemus is her 4-year-old cousin who happens to like to stick to me and not her.

Sharon: but xemus is so cute
Sharon: i jus grab any chance to make him hug me
Sharon: so chubby
Sharon: lol
bAa: lol
Sharon: i used to carry him sleep till my arm numb lo
Sharon: but he like dun like me leh
Sharon: i think its the age gap la
bAa: age gap?!
bAa: we’re same age
bAa: lol
Sharon: no me and him
Sharon: but u boy ma
Sharon: tt age of boys tend to think girls are yucky
Sharon: ur age one think girls are yummy
Sharon: kayz
bAa: LOL
Sharon: WAT

  1. that’s really true! lol… remember how guys lament if only they thought better when they were young.

  2. I think Sharon is seriously disillusioned about girls being yummmie, rather they can be really terrifying.

    Disclaimer: your Sharon might be a lady, not a girl.

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