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Follow your heart, prudently

I read on the forums today, a man found out that his girlfriend of 10 years and buddy of 8 have been seeing each other. And you thought this only happens in TV dramas and soap operas. But trust me that not everyone will sympathise with this poor man.

I recalled once when my better half called me up in tears after watching a drama on an attached woman who fell for another man but never got together. What was aberrant was that my better half was weeping for the wretched couple and not the poor man.

Perhaps, being a man myself, I was inclined to empathise with the poor man more than I could with the new couple. However, being a soap opera, I believe much of the show was focused on how the woman finally realised that the new man is her true love (you know, after all these years).

The sentimental audience would of course be emotionally obligated to support the newfound love of the woman. After all, in the era of individualism and liberalism, we are indoctrinated to follow our heart regardless of its costs. It doesn’t really matter how long or how much you used to love each other for the only thing that matters now is that you have eyes for someone else now.

True, couples who, in the absence of love, remain together for the sake of responsibility are foolish. But couples who went through years of thick and thin and decide that there isn’t any more love are the most abominable.

Here’s a paradox for you: Follow your heart, prudently.

  1. Emotionally obligated? The media has long played down the feelings of the heart broken man. It seems that as time passes, the eyes of the beholder tends to get more and more longsighted. “lao hua yen” as they term it, cannot see that the real thing is actually beside them. What arses,

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