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Should We Bring Him Up As A Buddhist?

Jeremy wrote:

Forget about religion and never bring that up at all. Instead, bring him up #1 to be honest and #2 to be questioning. If you teach your child these 2 qualities then you are equipping your child with the 2 greatest tools in life so that he, in his own strength, can find his own truth in life.

WARNING: Fans of boring web interfaces (like mine), the above site contains an obscene amount of colours and even an attempt to put music on the site. But the content of the above post is good.

p.s. Jeremy you should really fix your blog entry links. It’s tough to find the link to your entry.

  1. hohoho. Alright. I’m a fan of your site and writings but why do I sense sarcasm in your description of my blog? HAHA! ohwells, one man’s and another man’s poison.

    nice to know that you liked my post. (:

  2. I clicked the link to jer’s blog and closed the same tab 2 seconds later. Though i’m running a mac, it looked like the typical website which has pop-up virus threatening to crash my computer every other millisecond. The fear instilled in me since young never went away even after i got my powerbook…

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