1. dude ur links for “The Groom Pays”, “Break-in”, “The Bride & Her ‘Sisters'” not very accurate. thumbnail doesn’t match image&comment. the rest are cool ;)

  2. btw… u had the audacity to post on my photoblog. I would like to see you updating urs. “isn’t it about time?” bleahz.

    anyway, i thought it would be better to separate ur photos in a more organised way

    1. mono
    2. colour
    3. day
    4. night

    or something along that line. and do something about ur write up…especially ur deal part. no one is seeking ur opinion on the scene in singapore. keep the anguish in check!

  3. Hah! Why not man (“about the updating part”), you were the one who was conscientiously updating your photolog and now you’re skiving big time!

    Anyway, there was anger?? I certainly did not meant it that way. Just to make sure, I re-read it and I think it’s fine, thanks for your concern though! I am merely trying to pitch myself at the right market segment and I’m pretty sure people who are not looking for a cheap deal will understand what I’m trying to put through. I just don’t want to waste each other’s time you see, if they’re looking for a cheap deal, I’m afraid I can’t do it but I admit there are lots of cheaper deals out there. It’s just that most people have been mistaken that actual day wedding photography is very cheap (i.e. ~300-400$ due to the influx of cameramen offering cutthroat prices) and I don’t want them to have a rude shock when they ask about my prices.

    The final part has always been my way of doing things, I tell my clients the costs of the album that I’m going to buy, the cost of my prints. That way, they know exactly how much I charge for my time, effort and creativity.

    I intended the photos to flow as a story, as has always been the final product that I give to my clients. The assortment of post-processing serves to showcase that I’ll be able to produce a mix, pure colour or pure mono depending on my clients’ preferences.

    Thanks alot for your inputs! Please let me know if you have any more suggestions.

    p/s When’s the exhibition ending? I want to collect back my cats to put in the room! :)

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