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Reward Singaporeans, not PAP Supporters

In Today, 3 May 2006:

East Coast candidate Chia Ti Lik also pointed out that the PAP’s threat of denying Opposition wards upgrading programmes is divisive to the society. Said the lawyer: “Whether you live in an Opposition ward, whether you have upgrading, don’t you all have pink ICs, serve National Service and pay taxes? This Government is forgetting that on the Singapore Flag, one of the stars represents equality!”

Yes, MM is damn right that no government will help the opposition to displace itself. But no, bona fide Singaporeans should not be penalised for not supporting the ruling party. Being in the queue is not good enough. WP’s Chia is damn right on on this.

Never mind that I am neither a recipient of the “Progress Package” nor am I eligible to vote. There can never be democracy without opposition. But let me say that having just Chiam and Low in the parliament is not going to keep PAP in check. Neither will the outcome of tomorrow’s results change this fact. Having a strong, credible and honest opposition to keep the ruling party in check is going to be a long and tedious process for Singapore. It is going to require more Potong Pasirs in the many GEs to come to attain that.

  1. I cannot believe our opposition is contented to be in the parliment just to “check” or audit the government. Besides safe guarding the interest of the people, shouldn’t they have the least contribution to the national policies and foreign issues? Some insights into ways to tackle terrorism or even innovative suggestions to boost the economy? Something as bold as the casino? I feel that’s the right direction to do… hmmmz.

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