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Cards: Taboo?

nanzi wrote:

During a simple gathering, a woman (near 50 of age) was astonished to see that some kids were gathered and were happily playing cards. She asked me, “How can they be playing cards?”

Just a few days ago, my other half expressed incredulity at her tutee’s ignorance of “clubs” and “spades” or the number of ‘J’s and ‘K’s within a deck of cards. Apparently, the mathematics question she was explaining dealt with probability and made used of a deck of playing cards as a scenario.

Given the hostile climate against playing cards in most educational institutions — I heard the more “premier” schools have saner rules; some even have bridge clubs — I suddenly wondered why was knowledge of the contents assumed of all mathematics students in the first place?

  1. The taboo is only lifted during the famous chinese festival usually held in late jan to feb.

  2. Yes! The play/use of cards in so taboo even in the tertiary instituition I come from.

    It’s no surprise kids nowadays dont know that a deck has 52 cards, 13 cards of each suit and 4 suits per number.

    Even for my extended family, we stopped playing Big2 when I was in Pri5 because they converted to another religion. Is this another reason? Because of erhmmmm.

  3. i play cards with my duh anywhere :p we even did so at tcc b4 and didn’t quite draw any flak. i guess its how u do it as well as where u do it. they normally don’t quite appreciate 4 ppl sitting in a circle throwing jacks and queens and kings.. regardless, let’s play cards this weekend!!

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