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Slaughter in the name of God

The Busy Brain wrote:

The story behind beheading goats for sacrifice starts from when Abraham was asked (or tested) by God to show how obedient he was. God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Ismail, who was born after Abraham was very old. Both of them were in confusion, but then both said that if it is in ordered by God, then they should do it.

So, Abraham prepared to behead Ismail, and when the knife (or guillotine, or whatever they were using at that era) almost reached Ismail’s neck, he was replaced by a goat (or cow).

The moral of the story is, if you want to be blessed by God, you have to sacrifice.

Now, it is as if translated to: If you want to be blessed by God, you have to kill a cow/sheep/cattle/camel.

This Hari Raya Haji, 5,000 sheep will be slaughtered in the name of God the Halal way — slitting the throat of a conscious animal and allowing it to bleed to its death.