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Sushi-making night

Tamago and the unknown sushi Looks can be deceiving; what looks simple may not actually be easy to make. Sharon and I decided to make some sushi for dinner yesterday (for lunch actually, but you know, it’s the holidays and…). Here’s the tamago (egg) sushi—omelette courtesy of me and the rice Sharon. You’ll need to imagine the thin strip of nori (laver) holding the egg and the rice together though, because we couldn’t be bothered with it.

The sushi in the background is our latest creation, yet to be named, but filled with Japanese cucumber, Indian paneer, Swiss stir-fried brown mushrooms, Kalamantan chopped olives and um, Singapore sweet omelette. It was a pain to cut them into pieces though.

Apart from the omelette tasting too sweet, the rice falling apart, the fillings dropping out of the rolls even before reaching anywhere near our mouths, I thought they tasted pretty okay. Sharon thought her smoked salmon sushi was disgusting, though.

If you’re feeling adventurous enough to try making your own:

Don’t bother making a trip down to Meidi-ya supermarket at Liang Court though, because all that rice vinegar, mirin (sweet rice wine), Japanese soy sauce, wasabi, can be found at any decent Cold Storage. And they’re cheaper. But if you need some Japanese seafood, your only bet seems to be at Meidi-ya.