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Hong Kong’s iPhone pricing

The 8GB iPhone to be sold by Hong Kong’s telco, 3, will range from free to S$513 depending on the plan you sign up for. The 16GB iPhone will go for S$24 to S$653. Comparatively a HTC Touch Cruise offered by the same network goes for S$765 with a 18-month contract, while the Nokia N95 goes for S$852.

Plans for the iPhone start from S$33 to S$57 for 500MB of data and varying amounts of talk time, or S$87 for unlimited data transfer. The network currently charges—without any voice plan—S$17 to S$50 for 500MB of data transfer and S$85 (or S$57 if you’re their broadband user) for unlimited data usage.

Here at SingTel, both the HTC Touch Cruise and Nokia N95 goes for S$698 with the 2 years of iOne Plus plan (S$25.68 per month, no data usage bundled). If the Hong Kong plans and pricing are anything to go by, we should be seeing an affordable iPhone with good voice-and-data plans over here.

It should however be noted that the plans announced by the Hong Kong telco seems to be the cheapest so far, when compared with AT&T in the United States (starts at S$95, unlimited data usage, at least 450 minutes talk time, no free SMS bundled) and Rogers in Canada (starts at S$82 for 400MB of data transfer, 150 minutes of talk time and 75 SMS).