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When rest is a luxury

Finally off stone. 7.54pm (excluding waiting time for the sub-editor who went missing for half an hour). There might indeed be a ray of hope for a 12pm off stone, some day out there.

Rest has been such a luxury lately. The sore throat has been bugging me for more than two weeks now. It gets so bad I need paracetamol and ibuprofen to sleep at times. I have gone through two different courses of antibiotics and am starting on my third.

I saw my third doctor in two weeks two days ago, and after going through the usual modus operandi of examining a patient with a cold or sore throat—and learning that I have been through two courses of antibiotics and still am not fine—he went on to say: 多睡觉,多喝水,不要吃辣的 (get more sleep, drink more water, don’t eat spicy food).

The monotony in his voice almost made me laugh; it was as if he was dishing out words of advice to a stubborn patient who probably heeded none of them.

I was indeed guilty of not getting enough rest and sneaking up on spicy food every once in a while (food without chilli just doesn’t taste right).

And still I couldn’t heed his advice of getting enough rest after seeing him. I headed right into two days of production, managing only two hours of sleep despite my best efforts to get well soon (really doesn’t help to know school is starting two days later).

At some point of time, I started asking myself why the hell am I doing all this?

But when the paper was finally done, and I sat down for dupper (i.e. late dinner and early supper) yet again with the same faces that have stuck with me through all the depressing Thursday and Friday nights—which really should have been better spent elsewhere with our family and friends—I was also overwhelmed by gratefulness and appreciation. (Sorry Chinese, you always miss out on all the “fun” because you spoil the market by off stoning early.)

Perhaps spending ten issues producing Chronicle and knowing people like you guys would make up for all the pain and agony.

Sorry if I have been an ass and ruthless slave-driver. It probably was necessary, but still, thank you for all your hard work.

I’m not very used to bragging, but seniors and other people I know of have been full of praises for our Chronicle, and it really was because of all of you.

Four more issues to go, life should be better in no time. Hang in there.

Thank you—and please come for news conference this week.