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Post-exam trash, pre-exam goodies

Career choices have never bothered me as much as they now do; after all, it’s another 2 years before I graduate, right? But in just such a short span of time, I have already gone through 3 semesters, with another one in just a little over a month’s time.

And my elder brother has just advised Sharon and me to start balloting for our house. Yes, he did. According to him, if we wait till we intend to marry to start looking for one, we’re going to wait about 5 years for our own house.

To think Sharon always tells me that I better not “propose” like a typical Singaporean guy, who brings his girlfriend to HDB showrooms or wedding fairs.

Anyway, while clearing out my notes for this semester, I figured post-exam trash will one day become pre-exam goodies for someone else. So here goes.

COM 207 – Communication History and Theories

  1. Charles Darwin
  2. Sigmund Freud
  3. Chicago School
  4. Harold Lasswell
  5. Paul Lazarsfeld
  6. Kurt Lewin
  7. Carl Hovland
  8. Norbert Wiener
  9. Claude Shannon
  10. Wilbur Schramm
  11. COM207 Abridge Guide – Lasswell, Lazarsfeld, Lewin, Hovland and Wiener

COM 225 – Image and Sound Production

  1. COM225 Study Notes – Narrative, Mise-en-scene, Cinematography & Editing

HMJ1 – Japanese Language Level 1

  1. Japanese Level 1 – Spelling and Vocabulary List
  2. Japanese Level 1 – Troublesome Words – Long Vowels, Double Consonants and more
  1. Wah, i like this exam goodies that you have here. Why didn’t you post them before exams? Might have been much help to those who needed them.

    Anyway, welcome back.

  2. hey mr ren,

    they were mostly done the day before the exams, haha. if i ever become more consistent in my work…

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