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Thailand Reloaded

Back in Thailand again, a good break from all the nonsense that’s happening in Singapore.

If you’re looking for prepaid SIM for your iPhone, Blackberry and Android in Thailand, TrueMove operator offers unlimited mobile broadband over EDGE for just 250 baht (S$11). Compared with the per-minute data plan offered by most operators (AIS, dtac), this is a steal. What sense does it make for a 10-hour data plan on an iPhone that is connected every second anyway? Half a day of use?

If you’re travelling with a group of friends, TrueMove to TrueMove calls within Thailand are half a baht per minute; cheaper than the one baht per minute rate by other operators. Initial SIM Card charge is 49 baht; 50 baht (S$2) cheaper than it’s competitors.

The catch is that while other operators offer a flat rate of one baht per minute for all local calls, TrueMove rates are slightly more expensive at 1.5 baht per minute for TrueMove to other telco calls within Thailand. So if you’re expected to make a lot of local calls to people on other telcos, then the initial savings for your SIM card would quickly be offset.

But if data plan is most important to you, can’t beat the unlimited data for 250 baht on TrueMove.